About GAI

Gremminger & Associates, Inc. (GAI) specializes in natural resource sciences, project planning, and permitting. Our principal service is permitting actions for clients that require coordination and approval by state and federal resource agencies prior to initiation of construction. These services typically include activities such as field surveys for threatened and endangered species, prehistoric and historic resources, determinations for jurisdictional wetlands and waters of the US, reports to the resource agencies, sensitive issues mitigation, permit preparation and agency coordination. 

Larry J. Gremminger, is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, and manages GAI. Larry has earned his reputation for excellence by providing professional and knowledgeable planning and permitting services within the  environmental consulting industry for the past 20 years. His project experience includes numerous linear corridor and land tract projects for industry and government throughout the United States and outside the continental US. Larry maintains an excellent rapport and reputation with the regulatory agencies.

GAI staff provides exceptional service by utilizing their diverse project history and regional expertise to support their individual commitment to provide our clients with quality service at competitive rates. Our scientists have experience throughout the Gulf Coast states, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Mississippi, California, and Hawaii. Our staff is familiar with the consultation requirements, survey, and report standards for all the lead federal natural resource agencies and counterparts in the state government system.

GAI is committed to providing each customer with the best combination of skills and resources available to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.